Sustainable industry.
Sustainable planet.

Leilac is accelerating the transition to net zero by providing the most compelling decarbonisation solution for global cement and lime.

Decarbonising cement and lime

  • at the lowest cost.

  • urgently.

  • sustainably.

  • efficiently.

  • scalably.

  • with minimal downtime.

  • together.

  • to net zero.

  • for industry, global society and our planet.

1.37 billion
tonnes of CO₂

from cement to be captured and stored annually by 2050.*

*Global Cement & Concrete Association. Getting to net zero.

Cement decarbonisation plant at Leilac

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Leilac is the collaborative technology partner seeking to enable a sustainable future for cement and lime in a carbon neutral world. By developing the lowest cost carbon abatement solution, we will equip producers to take urgent action against climate change and protect their industries’ jobs and prosperity.

Operating across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, Leilac has imagined the future for sustainable cement and lime. And we’re creating it. Today.


Lime decarbonisation plant

Leilac’s unique technology seeks to enable the affordable abatement of unavoidable CO₂ process emissions in cement and lime production.

With no additional chemicals or processes, our indirectly heated calcination approach aims to efficiently separate CO₂ for use or storage.

Leilac’s modular design is being developed to be retrofitted and scaled to capture 100% of the process emissions from any plant.

Leilac’s technology is designed to operate on a variety of energy sources, including electricity and alternative fuels, to provide viable, flexible and economical pathways to carbon free cement and lime.

Leilac plant


Leilac in action around the world.

Boral's low cost carbon abatement project

Boral Project

Low cost carbon abatement for cement & lime. Boral, New South Wales, Australia 2022
Low emissions lime in Adbri, Australia

Adbri Project

World's first commercial-scale process for low emissions lime. Adbri, Western Australia, Australia 2022
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Global CO₂ emissions

CO2 impact

Cement and lime provide the foundations of our societies and economies. They are also amongst the largest contributors to climate change, accounting for approximately 8% of global CO₂ emissions. Unlike other industries, most of the CO₂ produced in the manufacture of cement and lime is unavoidable.

To preserve our planet, cement and lime producers must urgently decarbonise. To preserve our way of life, we must do so at the lowest possible cost.


We’re scientists, engineers, project managers and innovators. We’re team players and collaborators.

And we’re each applying our unique skills and Leilac’s breakthrough technology to create sustainable industries and a sustainable planet.

Cement and Lime decarbonisation experts at Leilac
Lime decarbonisation plant

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