Claude Lorea – On innovative carbon capture

Claude Lorea

Claude Lorea – Executive Cement Director of the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) talks about the innovative carbon capture Leilac project at the opening of the pilot plant.

Phil Hodgson – On The Importance of Partnerships

Phil Hodgson

In this eighth video of the Leilac Expert Insight, Phil Hodgson talks about the importance of partnerships and collaborations in the success of Project Leilac and the development of the Calix technology.

Jaap Vente – On the industrial CCS technology

Jaap Vente

Jaap Ventes describes Project Leilac as the ‘only way forward’ for the lime and cement industry, with an environmental-appropriate technology, low impact, and low cost when compared to other technologies.

Lime decarbonisation plant

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