Decarbonisation technology company, Leilac, is pleased to announce that Heidelberg Materials is assessing alternative sites for the continuation of the important Leilac-2 project.

HeidelbergMaterials is currently undertaking detailed technical and financial assessments of the potential sites to support a rapid implementation of the Leilac-2 plant.

Christian Knell

Heidelberg Materials General Manager Germany, Christian Knell said, “Heidelberg Materials remains firmly committed to the Leilac-2 project. Leilac continues to be an important technology option in our portfolio of solutions to lead the world to net-zero cement.”

Daniel Rennie

Leilac CEO, Daniel Rennie said, “Our longstanding and productive collaboration with Heidelberg Materials, the European Union, and our industry partners in the Leilac-1 and Leilac-2 projects is one we are pleased to continue as we seek to develop effective solutions to help decarbonise global cement and lime production.

“We look forward to demonstrating the replicable and modular nature of this design blueprint by rapidly installing it at an alternative cement plant.”

The Leilac-2 project has already delivered a robust detailed design ready for construction. The project partners will now go through the necessary steps to realise this design and enable its installation and operation at one of the potential Heidelberg Materials sites for minimal cost and time.


Leilac Ltd and its parent company, Calix Limited have been working with Heidelberg Materials,the European Union and a consortium of industry partners since 2015 to developthe novel Leilac technology as a leading solution to enable the efficient capture of unavoidable emissions in the cement making process.