Leilac was delighted to host GCCA India and 20 representatives from across the Indian cement industry for a visit to our Leilac-1 pilot plant on 24 November 2023.

The visiting group included many of India’s largest and most innovative cement companies, in addition to representatives from the Indian Government’s Ministry of Power and Department for Science and Technology.

India is the world’s second largest cement producer, with an annual production of over 334 million tons. And with the demands of ongoing population growth, urbanisation and infrastructure development, this figure is set to increase.

India’s cement industry also leads much of the world in the efficiency and emissions intensity of its cement, and continues to set bold targets in support of sustainable development goals.

Daniel Rennie presenting Leilac-1 to GCCA India visitors

The visit provided an opportunity to share and learn from the various sustainability initiatives underway in the Indian cement industry, as well as the solutions that can help to enable a vision for sustainable cement and concrete.

Leilac-1 plant

Leilac was pleased to present its purpose-built solution for the efficient capture of carbon dioxide that is unavoidably released during the manufacture of cement and lime. In addition to a hands-on tour of the pilot-plant, we also shared plans for additional projects, such as Leilac-2, our demonstration plant in Hannover, Germany, and an analysis of our full-scale vision.