This International Women’s Day, Leilac, together with its parent company Calix, are proud to present a special panel discussion, “Women in STEM: Pioneering Change” as the first in a new series focused on diversity and inclusion. Join us as we connect across continents, from Europe to Australia, to celebrate and deliberate the role of women in STEM fields.

At Leilac, our dedication goes beyond technological advancements; we’re passionate about fostering an environment where inclusiveness is our strength. This year’s panel focuses on the experiences, challenges, and achievements of women in STEM, emphasising the urgent need for equality and representation in these critical sectors.

Despite progress, the gender gap remains significant, with women underrepresented in STEM worldwide. Our panellists, Olga Bida, Ruth Barajas, Claire de Jacobi, and Helen Comerford, share their journeys, breaking barriers and setting new benchmarks in STEM. Their stories highlight the systemic changes needed to encourage and empower more women to join and excel in STEM careers.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Real-life insights into being a woman in STEM today.
  • Leilac and Calix’s initiatives to support and empower women in STEM.
  • Strategies for success and empowerment in the STEM fields.

This event underscores our commitment to challenging biases and creating opportunities for women in STEM. We invite you to watch, learn, and engage as we strive for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Thank you to our panellists and viewers for making this discussion possible. Together, let’s inspire action and drive positive change in STEM.

Celebrate with us, reflect on our shared experiences, and contribute to a brighter, more inclusive future in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Watch the full video here